Way of working

Quality first

For us, quality comes first. Quality and speed are key elements in our services. Both are equally important. We do not have products of our own and can therefore always fully concentrate on your projects and keep your info safely. As a small, flexible, company we can give you more direct, personal attention and service than most other companies in our field. This method of working has resulted in the past 30 years in a good, solid working-relationship with our clients.

PCBs & Assembly

Thanks to a good working-relationship with various manufacturers of printed circuit boards in the Netherlands and abroad, we can supply all types of boards at a competitive price-quality ratio.

Fast delivery
Prototypes can be delivered in a minimum of 1 day, series in two to five weeks.

Print assembly
Because we maintain extensive contacts within the assembly industry, we can advise our clients as to how and where assembly can best take place, depending on sort, number and terms of delivery.


Product information
Naturally we supply you with a complete package of product- and production-documentation.

Production-files can be send to you, or directly to the chosen production plants, without losing time.

Data processing
All data and drawings are created digitally and sent by e-mail. If desired, drawings, material lists can also be sent to you on paper.

That is why you choose PLTc:

Quality and speed form the basis of all services that PLTc offers you.

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