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PCB redesign

This word means literally: "Design again" and "Make a new design out of an existing circuit"

Do you have an existing PCB which suffers from malfunctioning?
Does your existing PCB use components that are old, difficult or impossible to purchase and/or are too expensive?
Do you want to reduce the PCB size by replacing PTH components by SMD components?
Do you want to extend your existing PCB with new functionality or just simplify it, but there are no old design files?

We are specialized in redesigning and updating your existing PCB.
Send us your existing PCB with all (still present) drawings, part lists, files and your wishes.
We take care that you will receive a reliable PCB with the most modern components, which works without disturbance.
This new PCB complies to the latest production standards, which results in decreasing costs for labour and purchasing components.
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