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Haarbos 4
3953 HA Maarsbergen

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PLTc bv - PCB design

Print - Layout - Techniek BV, which started in Nieuwkoop in 1988, is a company which offers a very complete range of services in printed circuit boards, flex and flex-rigid PCB's for professional electronics.

Whether you need a perfect PCB design, supply of printed circuit boards, supply of components for existing or new projects or support from the first draft up to the assembled product, you and your product are central in our method of working.

Since November 2014 we are a supplier for Tritec International Co.,Ltd. in the Netherlands. An ISO 9001 and UL certified print circuit board supplier from Korea. This means that we can supply you with high quality flex, flex-rigid and rigid PCBs at very competitive prices.

With more then 30 years of experience, we have build a very extensive and thorough knowledge of PCB design for electronic applications in various market segments.

Contact us today and experience how we can improve your product quality and (re)manufacturability and help you meet your deadlines.

Pand:PLTc, Haarbos 4, 3953 HA Maarsbergen
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