PLTc bv PCB design
PLTc bv PCB design
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PLTc bv
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PCB design

Our team has ample experience in designing and redesigning all possible types of printed-circuit-boards, ranging from one-sided to multi-layered boards and flex-rigid boards, all in accordance with the IPC standards.
Differential Pairs, Controlled Impedance and Matched Length techniques are part of our very broad design experience.

Conventional insertion techniques, as well as surface-mounted techniques are possible.

PLTc designs with high-end CAE/CAD systems from Mentor Graphics (Xpedition® Enterprise).

Xpedition xDx Designer                     Xpedition xPCB Layout

Enlarge screenshot xDx Designer                          Enlarge screenshot xPCB Layout

Also, we support all designs created with Eagle, KiCAD and Ulticap/UltiBoard.
The combination of an experienced team, the latest software and hardware results in great flexibility on our part.
Possibilities of merging info from almost all schematic capture programs are available. (xDxDesigner, Orcad, Multisim, PADS, Altium, DesignSpark, View-Logic, ViewDraw etc.)

Mechanical drawings (for example in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, DWG-, DXF- or STEP-format) can be implemented in our designs. So, there will be no differences in measurements.

As for EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility), we can help you with a whole set of practical layout solutions for problems concerning EMC, so as to minimize the chance of (costly) adjustments later on.

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